Tuesday, June 09, 2015

Are you a woman who has no children and aged between 45 and 64 years? If so, we would love to hear from you!

Are you a woman who has no children 
and aged between 45 and 64 years?

If so, we would love to hear from you!

We are conducting research about life for women with no children in Australian society.

If you would like to take part, please visit the following link to complete the anonymous online questionnaire, which will take only 30 minutes of your time!

For further information, please visit

or contact Beth Turnbull at b.turnbull@deakin.edu.au

The results are in...

A while back we published a request for survey participants here.

Well the research is done and here's the reply we got about it...

"Thank you for your support recruiting women for the Life as a woman with no children in Australian society project in 2014. A total of 776 women aged 25 to 44 years was recruited and a summary of findings is available from https://www.facebook.com/pages/Life-in-Australian-society-as-a-woman-with-no-children/592205344191162 or by contacting one of the research team. You will also find links to media interviews relating to the research on the Facebook page."

If you can't see the Facebook page for some reason or have questions then please contact 

Beth Turnbull at b.turnbull@deakin.edu.au
Dr Melissa Graham at melissa.graham@deakin.edu.au
Dr Hayley McKenzie athayley.m@deakin.edu.au,or 
Professor Ann Taket at ann.taket@deakin.edu.au.

Friday, May 29, 2015

"Generation Baby Buster" - a new documentary I think a lot of us are going to like

I received this press release and watched the trailer, it looks great :-)

"My name is Sean Flanagan and I am writing to you from Cinema Libre Studio, an independent film production and distribution company.  I wanted to bring to your attention a new documentary, Generation Baby Buster, which will be released on DVD and VOD starting June 9th! We think this could be a great piece for Child Free Zone because it provides a very healthy and well rounded discussion about what it means to choose to start a family, or choose to focus on yourself and what fulfills you in life - with the ultimate message that there is no wrong answer as long as you are happy, healthy and fulfilled. One of our experts, Australian Dierdre Macken also wrote OH NO, WE FORGOT TO HAVE CHILDREN: HOW DECLINING BIRTH RATES ARE RESHAPING OUR SOCIETY.

There are currently 62 million women in the United States in their childbearing years, and convention says that being “successful” in life includes ultimately settling down and getting married, having a nice home, and raising children. However, more and more women are just saying no to procreation.

Generation Baby Buster is a documentary film that explores the reason why so many women are just saying no to procreation. Armed with insight from those who write and think about the current state of affairs for mothers, the director confronts her own ambivalence towards children and motherhood, offering up some baby food-for-thought to a new generation of women: the baby busters."

To Parent or Not to Parent?
A Spirited New Conversation on Taking the Plunge
Coming to DVD & On Demand June 9, 2015
LOS ANGELES, CA (May 8, 2015) In her first feature documentary filmmaker Terra Renton explores how women are bypassing starting a family in GENERATION BABY BUSTER. There are currently 62 million women in the US alone that are considered in their child bearing years, but more and more are just saying no to have children. The film won Best Documentary Feature Film in 2012 at Geneva Film Festival and was also an Official Selection at Calgary International Film Festival. Released by Cinema Libre Studio, the film will be available on DVD and On Demand in North America on June 9th.

Director/ producer/ writer, Terra Renton, was inspired to make the film when, at some point in her early thirties, she started noticing that among her friends and acquaintances, all started to have babies. Her childfree status with her husband was a decision she made in her early thirties, and she feels comfortable, because having children would mean giving up so much for her. She says that she enjoys the freedom and lack of responsibility, which allows her to focus on her career at Pyramid Productions in Calgary. Most recently she has written and produced many things, from Celebrity Style for E Entertainment to Hail for CBC Alberta.

“Once I began, I realized I could not make this documentary without becoming a part of it, because even though I believe many women can relate to my feelings, the film became my own personal journey and I could not remain entirely behind the camera where I had wanted to be. The main reason for this was that all of the experts, whom I came to call prophets, were speaking to me and sharing not only their research but their personal experiences and as I learned what they had to teach me, I grew and changed.” Says Renton in regards to her process developing the film.

Renton sought out to explore all of her reasons that ‘a child would ruin my life’ and confronts them all by talking to experts on the topic. The film features interviews with over a dozen authors, professors and medical experts, including Corrine Maier, author of No Kids: 40 Reasons Why Not to Have Children, as well as Madelyn Cain, author of The Childless Revolution.Together they consider the pros and cons of what a child would do to your life. These are the current issues faced by women and couples all over when they are making a decision to have a baby.

“Nobody wants to talk about the fact that motherhood is sacrifice. If you want to be a god mother, it means that you come second, or even third” said Madelyn Cain, author of ‘The Childless Revolution: What It Means to be Childless Today’. Renton hopes that her journey in Generation Baby Buster, could answer the big question: What does this mean for the future of our societies? Why are women choosing not to do something once considered so natural and important?

ABOUT CINEMA LIBRE: Cinema Libre Studio is a leader in distributing social-issue documentaries and features by passionate filmmakers.  Headquartered in Los Angeles, the Cinema Libre team has released over one hundred films including the Sundance Audience Award‐Winning FUEL, THE END OF POVERTY?, Rachid Bouchareb’s LONDON RIVER and Oliver Stone’s SOUTH OF THE BORDER. The studio is developing John Perkins’ best‐selling memoirs, CONFESSIONS OF AN ECONOMIC HIT MAN, into a major motion picture. Recently released in theaters is CAN’T STAND LOSING YOU: SURVIVING THE POLICE, inspired by rock legend Andy Summers’ memoir One Train Later and the multi-Ariel Award winning Mexican thriller, Days of Grace (Dias De Gracia).
 For more information and updates, please visit: www.cinemalibrestudio.comUpdates |Facebook | Twitter .

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Hi everyone,

You won't have seen much activity here for ages because pretty much everything is happening on the Facebook page now.


So if you want to get involved, have conversations, organise events or whatever, then please "Like" the Facebook Page and share it around.

I still get notifications from here and the site will remain up and running with all the archival articles, photos and wot-not ...it just won't be updated much.

Thanks again for stopping by and stay in touch.

David Moore

Monday, February 24, 2014

Research about life in Australian society as a woman with no children

 Are you a woman who has no children 
and aged between 25 and 44 years?

If so, we would love to hear from you!

We are conducting research about life in Australian society as a woman with no children.

If you would like to take part, please visit the following link to complete the anonymous online questionnaire, which will take only 20-30 minutes of your time!

This research will be conducted toward completion of a Deakin University Honours student research project.

For further information, please visit

or contact Beth Turnbull at eturnbul@deakin.edu.au

Thursday, February 06, 2014

Draining the gene pool one photo at a time

This may not be a revelation, but it seems to me that the omnipresence of digital cameras and camera phones is the cause of humanity's latest and greatest dip in intelligence and parenting.

Today I was sent a link to a web site called "why-my-kid-is-crying".

If you can be bothered looking at it, I certainly didn't get far into it, it becomes clear that a great many parents prefer to take pictures of the kids being arseholes instead of...well...being actual parents.

Now parents may counter by saying "sometimes there's just nothing you can do".

Sometimes, maybe. All the time, as these photos imply? Bullshit.

Hell, there's even a picture of me being an arsehole baby way back in the late 1960s.

This is me, in the pitch dark, crying for no reason in the middle of the night, shaking the shit out of the cot.

Apparently I did this a lot and so Mum's frustrated response was to take a flash photo of me.

Now I don't know how old I was, but I swear I can remember that flash scaring the shit out of me. I didn't do that again (so I am told).

That was an exception though. Today all parents, all people, are walking around with cameras 24 x 7 and instead of dealing with a situation they photograph in the hope of becoming an internet sensation.

Meanwhile your kids head is eaten by a camel...

...and again, you'd think someone would learn, but no, these scro's aren't perturbed...

A few things happen when you take photos instead of acting to prevent an accident or just living your life:

A) Your child gets eaten, killed, injured

B) Your child is mentally scarred for life if not by the event itself then by the fact/subsequent-realisation that his parents don't care and are in fact arseholes.

C) Life passes you by while you take pictures that you'll probably never look at again once you've posted them on the internet.

Maybe I have read the situation incorrectly. Maybe parents are giving their kids a practical demonstration of quantum mechanics.

Maybe they are demonstrating that the act of observing changes the outcome.

Less so than doing something that is.

Based on technological and parenting trends none of this is going away or being fixed. Technology will march on and parents will have an ever increasing array of distractions and tools with which to film their offspring being injured...

...and that makes it harder for us to hide from this shit.

P.S. This one is my fault, sorry.

Monday, January 13, 2014

Welcome to 2014 and a new round of stupidity

Hi folks,

I've refurbished the web site again and thought I'd do a quick post about how stupidly 2014 has started.

In Queensland (Australia) their government has enacted "bikie laws" which essentially mean anyone riding a motorbike can be arrested for no particular reason.

As a bike rider you don't have to have a record, be doing anything illegal or indeed anything at all. It is simply enough to cross the Queensland border on your motorbike.

Ignoring sense and sanity and fostering fear is how the Nazis got started.

Congratulations Queensland, you've successfully made Australia look like a bunch of redneck fuckwits on the world stage.

But Queensland isn't the only turd in the sandwich, Western Australia (WA) has instigated a "shark cull" because a couple of people (literally) have been killed by sharks over the last year.

It doesn't matter that more people die from...well...almost anything else you can name...oxygen poisoning, falling down in the bath, eating a pickle sandwich, picking their nose...ANYTHING!

Australia doesn't have a good record with animal care. We wiped out Tasmania's iconic Tiger or Thyalcene and now are desperate to prove that it isn't extinct (which I think it isn't but that's a whole other story).

I am guessing we'll do the same to the sharks in WA and wonder why the price of Fish & Chips goes through the roof.

Of course our record on racism isn't all that good either.

Right now our moronic federal government is hell bent on a policy of "turning back the boats".

This refers to refugees who arrive by boat. They don't care about the many hundreds if not thousands who arrive by air. Just the boats.

Our genius Prime Minister, Tony Abbott, initially said he'd turn back the boats "for their own safety".

This didn't work, so, using our money, he said he'd buy their unsafe boats before they could get a chance to buy them and head our way. That didn't work either.

Now he is intercepting them, given them seaworthy boats AND towing them home!
What the fuck?!

So Australia, be proud and be stupid.

2014 is declared the year of the Aussie Fuckwit.

The annual changing of the calendar serves as a timely reminder just how wonderful it is to not be participating in the future of this planet beyond my own lifespan :-)