Thursday, May 17, 2012

Introducing Suzy Cooper...

Suzy Cooper
Hello everyone,

Recently I put out a request for people to contribute to this web site/blog.

I also directly invited some people I know to be guest posters.
Suzy was one of those people and she has kindly agreed to contribute - yay!

Her first post is queued and ready to go. It will be up after her introduction here.

Suzy is very modest and asked only to be introduced like this...

"Suzy Cooper is a 38 year-old writer and stand-up comedian living in Tasmania."

Suzy also runs her own business, speaks about writing and communication, volunteers, lives life on her own terms and is a lovely giving person. Check out her web site to read about all the pies her fingers are in.

So please everyone, give Suzy a round of applause...oh, I forgot where I was...stay tuned for her posts.

Thanks Suzy!

David Moore

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