Friday, August 13, 2010

Dick Smith's Population Debate

I want desperately to chant “Dick Smith for President” but I think he’s better off not in politics.

The best things about Dick are that

a) he is persistent

b) he will transcend politicians

c) and he will outlast the three year terms they fight over.

When our current crop of muppets have f***ed off Dick will still be around keeping the new ones on the back foot (nearly said honest then realised how stupid that would be).

My feeling is that while there is a band wagon to jump on leading up to this election we’ll see an exciting level of discussion on this topic.

Once the election is over it will be back to business as usual.

We can’t trust politicians or big business to do anything but look after their own interests.

No policy or number or incentive or penalty will make a difference to what people do.

Waiting for infrastructure (geez that argument pisses me off) fixes and improved technologies (of any sort) won’t make any difference.

The only way to make a difference with the population issue is to do something yourself.

We, the child-free, already have.

The general population needs to learn that they have control – just stop breeding people!!!!

It IS that simple.

But, they won't until it hurts them or their back pocket.

I've said it before and I'll say it until I am dead, it ain't our kids living in the mess we leave behind - we don't have any!



  1. Lots of hate in you David. Be careful about that.

    Instead of blaming children for the ills off the world, why try actually living - remeber, it will be somebody's child who will be wiping your arse when all your bile is spent.

    This blog takes ego, selfishness, and good old fashion lies to a new level.

  2. Hi Matthew,
    WOW, you've just proven the point I made earlier today in another article.
    You've judged me on a couple of paragraphs.
    I've re-read the post several times and cannot gleen hate out of it.
    That is your problem, not mine :-)
    Aside from completely missing the point, remember it will be my money paying the arse-wipers of the future (unless you want to volunteer your kid to do it free of charge? I thought not).
    Read the last paragrpah again... is the people who care about the population problem today who will give YOUR children (not ours) a tolerable world to live in.
    Even after your kids have finished wiping my arse free of charge, because I'll be dead, they'll still have to live on this overpopulated and destroyed planet.
    Think about that...please...think!


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