Monday, September 27, 2010

Some cool new clothing and merchandise

I've just added a bunch of cool new clothes and products to the CFZ Cafepress shop.
There's a whole lot of new dark coloured clothing with the hires 3D Child Free Zone logo on it.
Some funky Sigg bottles, pet accessories, sexy underwear (for all sexes - there used to be only two, but not anymore in case you were wondering:-).
Get along, get some and tell your friends.
I'll be adding new products to the other shops soon ( and
Stay tuned.
Have fun - David

Friday, September 24, 2010

Parents want it (a Child-Free Zone)

You may, or may not, be amazed at how often parents say to us "I want a child-free zone" or "maybe I should never have had kids".

Usually this is in jest. Mostly they want our stickers on the bedroom door :-)

But on occasion, during our CFZ journey, we've been approached by people who wish to remain anonymous and who want no reply from us (just in case someone sees it).

We've had quite heartbreaking correspondence from people about how they feel tricked, trapped and very alone because they have kids now, but never wanted them.

If their families found out all hell would break loose...of course!

They tell us amazing stories of kids off the rails, drug addicts, family struggle, illness, child related divorce and anything else you can imagine.

They tell us they love them because they have to but if they had their time again they would not have children.

Every one's story is unique and one thing I've learned is that there is no "right" answer.

If you've got no kids people tell you that you are wrong, if you've got one they tell you that you are wrong, if you've got 17 you still get told.

Despite our constant endeavours as a species to see into the future it remains unpredictable. I'm pretty sure it always will too.

There are, however, some things we can do to influence it.

I was pretty damn sure I wouldn't make a good parent for a lot of reasons. I am not a bad person, I don't think, but I would not be a good parent.

Did I go out and find a partner who'd force me to reproduce? Did I have a kid anyway? Did I take the risk of screwing up another person's life with my bad parenting skills? Did I then regret the f***ing thing?

I think you know the answer.

In the past I have been accused of being conservative and avoiding risks. Maybe too much so and maybe to my detriment.

Putting myself in my hypothetical kids shoes, I wouldn't want to work out one day that my Dad had gambled with my life. Bloody hell, it is easy enough to blame your parents for your shitty life without it actually being their fault.

A life is a pretty big thing to screw up and when you are doing it to someone else that is a crime.

You can't get 6 months or a year into parenthood and say "nope, not for me, I am pushing this sucker back where it came from".

If I ever catch anyone encouraging someone else to breed instead of just listening to their reasons, their fears and their excitement I'll slap them!

Friday, September 10, 2010

I am going to destroy everything you care about

There's has been a strange and recuring theme I've encountered during the CFZ journey.

It is what I call the "destroy everything" mentality and I must confess I'll never understand it.

It goes like this, somebody dies as the result of an accident. It most often involves an animal but it can just as well be a plant or an inanimate object.

Suddenly a whole bunch of humans want to kill or destroy everything that looks vaguely like the animal or thing they now blame for the accident.

Australian's used to be brilliant at this. One or two people a year are killed by sharks off our coast. The Australian response used to be to go out and kill all the sharks we could find.

"That'll teach 'em". The problem is, of course it doesn't.

The same thing with Dingoes, snakes and most recently, Magpies.

Yep, Magpies. A boy being chased by a Magpie ran onto a road, was hit by a car and later died. "We'd better go out and kill all the Magpies!" "Why didn't somebody already kill all the Magpies, they are clear threat to the human species", "when it comes to choosing between a Magpie and a child it is a no brainer"... certainly is, it certainly is.

We'll never know all the facts. Clearly this is just an accident involving a child, a passing motorist and a bird who's species has been defending its nests this way for thousands if not millions of years.

Humans seem to have a mad desire to attribute blame. In our haste it usually ends up wrongly applied.

In a forum whree the Magpie incident was being discussed, I suggested that going out and killing everything that posed a threat to the human species may not be such a good idea.

Wow, did I get shot down...well they tried. ;-) I was accused of being "a rampant greenie". Okay, I'm just going to ignore you now...but to my chagrin I often don't ignore them.

I further pointed out that if we were going to adopt a "kill every threat to humans" strategy we'd better start by taking out the biggest threat, ourselves!

Boy had I misjudged my audience. My arguments flew so high above their heads and were far too subtle for the majority. Yeah, I know...unbelievable!

Not for the first time did this response make me think "why do I care?", "Why do I even bother pointing these things out?".
After all, it won't be my kids living in the resulting "Field of Bogans".

Anyway, not much further down the track the whole planet will be wiped out one way or another. Ultimately the future doesn't exist. All we have is now and we are killing it.

The things I care about, wildlife, nature, the planet as a whole and well, most things really, are not respected by a great many people. They seem to forget where they are living.

So many people feel they can destroy what I and many others care about because they don't understand it.

It is lucky we don't all act this way. But if you keep pushing me guys...remember, I don't understand you!