Thursday, October 14, 2010

Kids in QLD, damned if you do and damned if you do...

Right now in Queensland Australia two young people are on trial for having an abortion.

Australia considers itself fairly liberal and progressive but even Australians know Queensland is a hold-out for moderate whack jobs with nothing better to do than whinge about the old days, fear fading curtains (from daylight saving), and just generally piss the rest of the country off.

Now don't get me wrong, I have friends in Queensland but I know they are fighting the good fight. I am just saying the state, as a whole (or is that hole?) is quite backward.

I cannot believe that these people are being put through a trial for making a very personal and probably sensible decision.

They aren't be tried for bringing in illicit drugs, as far as I can tell, they are being tried for having an abortion.

This all happened two years ago too.

So these poor folk have had 2 years of this crap hanging over their heads.

They could go to jail. WTF!

It seems like dodging one bullet in Queensland puts you in the path of another.

I am surprised the trial doesn't consist of throwing them off a cliff and seeing if they fly.

If they do fly then they are witches and will be put to death, if they don't then...well...splat (but if they survive that they'll be retried as witches because no-one can survive a fall like that).

In the words of Idiocracy "Carls Junior says Fuck You" Queensland.
You should be ashamed.

Friday, October 08, 2010

BBC Radio program worth a listen...and some lovely feedback...

Someone I’ve recently met sent me the link to your site after I mentioned a BBC Radio programme regarding ‘being child free’. I’ve included the link here as I think it is worth a listen – if you can spare 45 minutes.

There are many interesting points made in this programme, but one that came to mind when I was reading your blogs was the problem of ‘fertility decline’ and how ‘society is at risk’. I wondered if you thought it an interesting topic to write about on your blog to create debate.

I felt compelled to send you this email because I was shocked that a couple who were involved in your book (I still have to search for this and buy a copy!) have been ostracised by their family. Although we have been judged by people (you can see it in their eyes, can’t you?) we have not been subjected to any harsh criticism to our faces, and I feel such sympathy for the couple who have had to ‘go back underground’, so to speak.

The one verbally critical friend I have actually sent me the link to the programme above, along with an apology. It was a fabulous day for me. She used to bully me over morning coffee as she was convinced of her conviction that I ‘would make a great parent’. My choice for a CFZ was such a challenge for her and she still doesn’t fully understand; she thinks I chose a career over motherhood. Actually, I chose not to be a mother (by the time I was 18) and then I went out and built myself a career, free from a ticking biological clock. I believe my friend’s apology is an indication that she has come to terms with my choices and will, in future, refrain from cajoling me to join her ‘Mum Club’.

Your website will be my haven when I need to identify yet another good reason for the choices I/we made. Anything that we can add to our armour to protect us from judgemental friends and acquaintances will be gratefully received.

Thank you both