Wednesday, November 17, 2010

1 million women, 1 kilogram, 7 billion people

Recently I've seen some advertising on TV for 1 Million Women.

It caught my eye because one of the opening lines in the ad goes like "looking after our planet is the most important thing".

Normally right now I'd say something smug and derisive like "no shit Sherlock!" but I won't. ;-)

It is fantastic to see that finally the tide is turning.

No longer are "children the most important thing". It seems some people realise that humans aren't the center of anything let alone the planet or the universe. Somewhere for us all to live may be a good thing to have.

If you are a woman I encourage you to join up and find out what you can do.

I am not sure why men aren't allowed to play. I would have thought men are bigger carbon users than women.

With a global population or nearly 7 billion and 22 million in Australia, 1 million people seems a little unambitious and unlikely to generate the changes required to save the planet.

Never fear, I have an answer.

A few years back I had the idea of the "1 kilogram plan to save the planet".

I described it to a few people but ultimately didn't do anything with it.

The plan is simple and if everyone does it, extraordinarily powerful.

Simply vow to drop one kilogram of "stuff" from your life forever.

If you find that easy, drop another kilogram.

It could be as simple as removing junk from your car boot - reducing weight in your car reduces the fuel it uses and hence the carbon it produces. You can still use your car the way you used to, less would be better, but 1 kilogram less is better than nothing.

You could lose 1 kilogram of weight off your body - obviously, like the car, you are carting less weight around in whatever for of transport you use.

What about reducing the weight of stuff you bring home from the supermarket. Reducing 1 kilogram of consumption means that that stuff doesn't have to be shipped from somewhere else and hence reduces carbon output.

The ways to drop a kilogram and help the planet are endless.

Inspired by 1 Million Women I have created

Spread the word, get involved.

The web site is basic right now but that isn't important. What is important is to spread the idea and actually implement it.

It is so simple and so achievable.

Imagine what would happen if 7 billion people all dropped 1 kg from their life.
Imagine what that would do for the planet.

It doesn't mean all the other stuff shouldn't happen too. This isn't a cure-all but it is great a great idea don't you agree! :-)

Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Paid Maternity Leave - stupid is as stupid does

So it seems it is nearly finally here as law...or whatever.

As half-arsed ill-conceived (no pun intended) schemes go this is a doozy.

Just why are we implementing more middle-class welfare?

Once again the people who really need help aren't getting it.

I suppose it could be worse, we taxpayers could be funding some kind of frivolous high speed Internet plan or worse still some nong could be trying to filter it.

As if we'd be that stupid. But I digress.

So now you get to choose between the "bucks for fux" (baby bonus) or the "money for nothing" (paid maternity leave).

Where is all this friggin money coming from?

I hear the politicians talk of "Government Money" as if it has magically come from somewhere and is being shelled out from their personal accounts. Arseholes the lot of them. I trust no politician. They are only in it to ensure they get a decent retirement and they only need to consider the next three years when voting time comes around.

Paying people to reproduce is not a long term solution to any problem facing our species. Is is simply pandering to middle class voters who still want to have their lattes and their holidays while a nanny or childcare center looks after the kids.

"If you can't feed 'em, don't breed 'em" and that goes doubly for taking time off work to have them.

All generations up until now have managed to do it without paid maternity leave.

Shouldn't we be asking ourselves why we are doing it? It seems to me that it isn't about being civilised and growing as a species but more about getting what we can for nothing.

Pyramid schemes are illegal, so why can our Government implement a scheme which requires more and more people to show up in our country one way or another and feed the middle to top layers?

Sure, things have changed. The world has changed. I just not sure many people have accurately assessed the nature of these changes and responded accordingly.