Tuesday, January 04, 2011

The shiny way to end the World

I've said it before, I'll probably say it again.

The human species is in pursuit of no higher ideal than that of obtaining shiny things.

That's right. It isn't about "the fewcha", it isn't about "the childrun" it certainly isn't about "the planit" but it is about "oooh, shiny!".

Every Christmas and New Year we prove this on a massive scale.

Humans go out on mass and buy a bazillion shiny things while browsing through shops that have been especially decorated to be extra shiny.

Christmas lights, decorations and displays are about as shiny as things get.

While we are distracted by that which we desire the most, we spend!

We buy the shiniest of shiny - iPads, TVs, x-boxes, play stations, lovely things, china, silverware, glassware and on and on it all goes.

Aside from the odd pair of socks and undies I dare you to find anything bought/given at this time of year that isn't shiny.

Then, to cap it off, we take our shiny new stuff out on December 31st to watch the powers that be attempt to blow up the sky.

Usually they fail but do often succeed in hiding it for a while in a veil of smoke.

Fuck you global warming. Fuck you pollution. Fuck you carbon footprint.
I've got my shiny and watched big explosions, which were very shiny in the sky thanks very much.

Don't get me wrong. I like shiny and I like fireworks.
I simply think it is all fantastically daft.

Happy 2011 everyone.