Monday, February 28, 2011

The vandals won't ever read this

Why are we wasting our breath?

I am betting that if you are reading this are probably already of a mindset that finds what I am talking about acceptable at some level.

I am preaching to the converted.

This was once again driven home to me when an intelligent couple I know announced that they were having their third child.

I love them to death but for the life of me I couldn't muster anything but anger. All I could think was "vandals".

I suffered in silence. It was too late. The baby is already on its way. Anything I said would just sour the relationship. But that's not the point.

The point is, these people have been close to us, listened to and understood our choice. They understand the plight of the planet. They recreate in areas affected directly by human pollution and over population.

They probably know on some level that what they are doing now will directly affect the lives of their own kids. Their kids and their kid's kids will live in the mess...if living is possible.

Yet they choose to reproduce for growth rather than sustainability (or better still reduction).

While the "experts" pretty much always get it wrong, I think the perceived risks for the future are enough to take precautionary measures.

So tell me, if intelligent people don't get it, what hope is there that the dummies will cotton on? So that is everyone but you and me right ;-)

Just what the hell has to happen for the global sustainability message to get through?

Friday, February 25, 2011

Carbon and kids

The carbon tax rears its ugly head in the news again today.

Twonk politicians think that taxing people for their carbon emissions will help reduce global warming.

Whereas, in reality, all it will do is green-light polluting at a price on a whole new scale.

Those who can afford to pollute, will, those who can't will be subsidised to pollute.

For the politicians it is like one face doesn't know what the other is saying.

Is it just me or does it seem completely retarded to pay people to create carbon consuming entities i.e. kids?

In a country where our per-capita carbon output is ranked about number two in the world, we then propose to tax those very same people for the carbon that the taxpayer funded offspring produce.

It isn't me. It is completely fucked up!
It is pure madness.

This is by no means a new idea or a recently spotted aberration.

In 2007 Barbara Millar, an academic of note and a woman you may note, suggested we "put a carbon tax on babies".

Of course this was really about scaring people into thinking about reproduction.

A caption on the photo accompanying the article says "Experts say population growth accounts for about 1.2 per cent per year of energy-based emissions in Australia."

So that's just the growth, not what is already going on.

The Earth can clean up our carbon, just not if there are too many of us.
It is that simple.

Giving humans room to squirm on action is a politicians key skill.

Exhibiting some uncommon sense and tackling a problem at its root simply too scary for them to even consider.

Pathetic weaklings the lot of them!

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

The Age of Stupid and the oldies

Last weekend we watched the movie The Age of Stupid.

It is a movie I wanted to see but had put off because I thought it would depress me and I thought I probably wasn't the target audience.

I was right - mostly.

Thinking about it, I don't know how you would get the people who should see it to watch it.

It occurred to me that the aging population, which is itself quite a separate debate, directly feeds into the whole climate change problem.

My thinking goes like this...

1) The older people get the less they worry about things perceived to be "outside their lifetime" in the future.

2) As the majority of the human population gets older this future blindness becomes more profound.

3) With climate change well and truly in the "outside of their lifetime" category*, it seems an ever growing majority of the population will tend to do nothing about it.

It has been stupidly suggested (note the nice link here) that the aging population "problem" can be rectified by...wait for it...having more children now.

So, with humans being the fundamental problem, it is suggested that more of us will solve the problem? Really? FFS! No!

It also occurred to me that every generation seems to have faced their own "end of the world" scenario.

When I was a kid I was scared shitless by the potential for a 3rd world war...a nuclear war.

AIDS was supposed to wipe us out at one stage.

Before that there was an actual world war or two. Before that there were plagues and other wars and other disasters.

On and on it goes.

Scientists too have a habit of getting things very wrong and kicking off some major stuff ups in the name of "fixing things". Cane Toads leap to mind (no pun intended). Nuclear power too was supposed to be some sort of saviour for the planet.

Bloody hell, any superficial analysis of humanity as a whole will reveal our past as primarily being mistakes.

All this does is numb us to the likelihood of the Global Warming "scare" being real...and don't think that card is being played hard by the ignorant.

What's my opinion?
Global warming can't be ignored, but it will be and I think humanity will have a whole swag of crap to worry about in another 25 to 50 years time. It's what we do.

* not that it IS necessarily going to happen outside their lifetime, that is just their convenient perception.