Friday, February 25, 2011

Carbon and kids

The carbon tax rears its ugly head in the news again today.

Twonk politicians think that taxing people for their carbon emissions will help reduce global warming.

Whereas, in reality, all it will do is green-light polluting at a price on a whole new scale.

Those who can afford to pollute, will, those who can't will be subsidised to pollute.

For the politicians it is like one face doesn't know what the other is saying.

Is it just me or does it seem completely retarded to pay people to create carbon consuming entities i.e. kids?

In a country where our per-capita carbon output is ranked about number two in the world, we then propose to tax those very same people for the carbon that the taxpayer funded offspring produce.

It isn't me. It is completely fucked up!
It is pure madness.

This is by no means a new idea or a recently spotted aberration.

In 2007 Barbara Millar, an academic of note and a woman you may note, suggested we "put a carbon tax on babies".

Of course this was really about scaring people into thinking about reproduction.

A caption on the photo accompanying the article says "Experts say population growth accounts for about 1.2 per cent per year of energy-based emissions in Australia."

So that's just the growth, not what is already going on.

The Earth can clean up our carbon, just not if there are too many of us.
It is that simple.

Giving humans room to squirm on action is a politicians key skill.

Exhibiting some uncommon sense and tackling a problem at its root simply too scary for them to even consider.

Pathetic weaklings the lot of them!

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