Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Earthquakes,Tsunamis and the end of the world

I feel terrible for the people of Japan.
Only a little over a year back my wife and I visited Japan.
The people are lovely and the place is magnificent.
I can't comprehend what they've been through and I can't see how they'll recover..but I know they will.

As a side effect of all this I've seen and heard a lot of daft talk about "the end of days", "the planet's revenge" and so forth.

Of course this is all bullshit.

As the image above shows, Japan has a grand history of Earthquakes and Tsunamis. They knew it was coming and they prepared as best they could.

But we all know the Earth is far more powerful than anything we can prepare for.

On a planetary scale this stuff is quite normal. It has been going on for as long as the Earth has been around and it will keep happening for as long as we'll be around to notice.

The science of this is well documented and clearly explained.

Yet for some reason we humans are surprised when those of us living on fault lines experience Earthquakes. We stare in awe as those of us who live at sea level get inundated by rains and Tsunamis. We can't comprehend that the town at the base of a volcano gets engulfed by ash, molten magma and mud.

So, in the surprise and shock of it all some of us start to notice a pattern. The Earth is bored with us and is evicting us...

She's sick of us, our pollution and our global warming.

The problem is that the human brain likes order and links unrelated events. It also doesn't do mathematical probability all that well. It thinks "co-incidences" are more than random happenings that kind-of look related.

Mind you, if the dummies want to think global warming has made the Earth mad then fine.

Doubly fine if it makes them think twice about polluting and reproducing.

Global warming is most likely real, but there are doubters. Nothing like a few global omens to make up for where logic and brain power fails ;-)

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