Thursday, April 21, 2011

Why don't we have a kids day?

Granted this post may not be what you expect from a child-free blog but stay with me...

This morning I discovered that Mother's Day (or is it Mothers Day?) is just around the corner.

These days I see it as a commercialised piece of crap, but when I was a kid I was into it. What choice did I have? I didn't know any better :-)

I remember asking my parents why there wasn't a "kid's/kids day"?
My Dad's response was that "every day is kids day".
I thought that was bollocks then and now more so.

After all, it is the parents who choose, on one level or another, to have kids. The kids have no say in it.

Is a small token of thanks too much to ask for? We, as kids, put up with all their crap and shonky parenting skills.

Christ, most of us grow up screwed up in one way or another. What kind of thanks is that?

Yet there is no day when I get a present or even a card from my mother just letting me know she loves me. Whether she does or not is a whole other thing.

If I have to fake it she bloody well can too!

Sure there is the Decemberish celebration of some mythical guy's birthday. But everyone gets presents so that doesn't really count.

There is an international children's day of some kind but that is more about charity and general awareness of the even shitter lives some kids have (thanks to their parents stupidity...mostly). It isn't like Mothers Day or Fathers Day at all.

Maybe it should be Offspring Day as opposed to Kids Day? What about Spawn Day? Maybe it should be named so that it doesn't end with a person's passage through puberty.

Our parents expect us to look after them in their old age having brought us here without our permission. The least they can do is remind us that they want us on some level, hell I'd even be happy with the slow accumulation of guilt related gifts! :-)

Happy Fricken Mothers Day ;-)