Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Tax the stupid and tax them hard

This whole middle-class welfare issue pisses me off.
I could only watch Q&A briefly last night because it shits me so much.

Partly it was the show but mainly it is becuase politicians should not be allowed on the show.

All they do is parrot their policies with total discregard to what is happening on the show around them.

Maybe the show should be called Q&P or just Q...

It did make me think though.
I've decided the best way to collect taxes is stupidity based.

I hate stamp duty on house purchases. To me it is criminally high and arbitrary.
For example, rather they crying that a family in Sydney on $150,000 with 3 kids and a million dollar home are poor, they family should be taxed for being stupid.
On way to tax this stupidity is to charge the stamp duty on house purchases based on a couple of simple criteria (criterion??), e.g.

1) You want to buy a million dollar house in Sydney (this is dumb to start with). People should be encouraged to reduce population density rather than fight it.

2) How big is your loan? If the loan is stupidly large then you pay MORE stamp duty. E.g. if your mortgage $900,000 of your million dollar home you are stupid.

3) You have 3 kids. This is unsustainable and stupid. You should pay MORE stamp duty on house with more than 3 bedrooms.

4) The lower the combined household income the MORE stamp duty they should pay. Why? Because when the shit hits the fan and they can't afford the loan anymore at least some of their stamp duty can go towards their welfare payments.

The key to this is to communicate loudly and clearly to home buyers that buying beyond your means will be penalised.
If they still choose to do so, then penalise them i.e. a stupidity tax.

Another example of a stupidity tax is gambling.
While it may be argued this is already a stupidity tax, gamblers should be taxed at the point of betting.
For example, 50 cents from every dollar bet irreversibly goes in taxation. No returns, do not pass go.
If you can afford to gamble you can afford to pay that tax. Simple.

Smoking, drinking...wanna kill yourself, fine but let's not have those who don't pay for it.
Stop wasting money on anti smoking campaigns, anti drink campaigns.
They won't listen until it htis their back pockets anyway.

Hit the over-indulger's in their back pockets and hit them hard.
Exclude them from health care or at the very least have their taxed habit income go directly to medical care services.

While I am at it, if you want to be a politician you should have to pay more tax.

If you are going to waste our fucking money then you should know how much that sucks.
I am pretty sure politicians would be more careful with OUR money it a larger proportion of it was theirs too!

While the fundamental activities that are fucking this planet are encouraged at a political and policy level nothing will change.
It is that simple.

While the folks who are responsible and live within their means are the most heavily taxed I think we'll see a trend for those folks to drop off the taxation radar one way or another.

They find a way to make less of their funds available for waste in the first place.
Some clever people are already living sustainably.
That means there's not much leftover for squandering ;-)

If we can't tax them then let the idiots sort themselves out.