Thursday, June 30, 2011

It takes a village to raise a child...

...but then the village can mind its own business.

Our on Yahoo Group recently the old "it takes a village" chestnut has been raised again.

This is trotted out when parunts want to get everyone else to help raise their child.

The amount of help required varies from a little to "do the fricken lot, I can't be bothered".

A few questions spring to mind.

When is the last time any of us saw an actual village let alone lived in one? I'm not talking about those quaint ones in the UK where people like Doc Martin and James Herriot live, I am talking about a proper third world village where clothes are optional and everything is communal BECAUSE IT HAS TO BE?

I am pretty sure this is NOT the village these parunts are talking about because if it was I'd be happy for them to fuck off there and raise their kids. It would be a lot cheaper for the community and better for the kids than what they are really asking for.

Another question is, knowing full well that what they mean is "your money, give it me", what say can the community expect in the deployment of the funds and the raising of the child?

Can the village expect a well behaved child? Can the village expect a contribution from the child in the future? On both counts the evidence for and probability of said outcomes is quite low.

It is quite clear that while the village is expected to help raise the childrun that this arrangement is a one way street (which would be very inconvenient for most villages I've seen).

If I am a villager and helping to raise a child, either against my will or not, I expect to have a say in how my investment is managed.

So the next time you are playing breeder-bingo and here "it takes a village" ask them what their definition of a village is, can the village discipline the child and what can the village can expect in return for their investment?

Chances are you'll be stared at blankly or abused.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Where can we escape?

This just came across my desk so I thought I'd post it up ASAP.

We often get asked "where can we go for a child-free holiday?".

The problem is the laws around whether you can actually say "no kids" seem vague at best.

Most child-free venues, resorts, hotels, B&Bs or whatever just feel afraid to say it.

Of course you can design and locate your business, any business not just accommodation, any way you like.

If you choose not to cater for children or charge a per person rate (as opposed to an adults/kids rate) then that is your right as a business owner.

So here it is, "No kids allowed! Adults-only getaways" article on the NineMSN web site.
Enjoy and Getaway...