Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Carbon tacks - did you mean "carbon tax"?

I am totally opposed to any form of carbon tax, levy, charge or whatever you want to call it (you squirming spineless pricks we call politicians).

It isn't because I think polluters should not be punished or at least pay fair compensation for the clean up of their mess.

No, it is because the whole idea is fundamentally flawed.

Sadly this seems to mean I accidentally align myself, to a significantly lesser degree, with Tony "gob-shite" Abbott. As politicians go this guy is beyond the pale...but I digress.

The main reasons I object to a carbon tax are as follows:

1) The creation of new taxes requires the creation of new administration to handle them i.e. more public servants.

2) Point 1 comes at a significant cost. So already the tax isn't going where it should.

3) The semantics of who does and who doesn't pay what carbon tax and why is a joke. They are already talking about giving people back some of the tax. What? Why take it in the first place then you fucking idiots! How much energy, both physical and mental, is being wasted on these arguments? For fuck's sake, just put the GST up by a couple of percent and bypass the whole drama.

...and finally, this is the big one...

4) It won't work. It won't stop pollution, it won't reduce carbon use, it is focusing on precisely the wrong end of the problem. The consumers are already here and producing carbon. They'll just have to pay more for it.

Carbon is but a tiny proportion of the mess humans are making of the planet.

It is not news that I think the simple and obvious answer is to educate humans to be smarter about reproduction.

Humans need to understand that, whether they like it or not, they WILL eventually be held accountable for their decisions...or their children will (no, not the childrun! they are the fewcha!).

How about basing the carbon tax on the number of people in your nuclear family?

One person - bugger all tax because you aren't likely to asexually reproduce and create another carbon producer.

Similarly for those who are capable of breeding but have been surgically fixed.

Those with one child pay more carbon tax. After all, under normal circumstances this third person will continue to produce carbon long after your decomposing corpse has stopped it.

More than one child...well clearly you aren't helping but neither are you hindering the movement of birthrates in the sensible direction. More tax you shall pay!

Three or more kids. You are just taking the piss now. Clearly you have decided that everyone else is wrong and you'll do what you like. Good for you. More tax!

Hey, if the politicians can come up with stupid ideas that piss us all off why can't I?

Carbon tax - NO!
Carbon Tacks? Now there's an idea!

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