Monday, August 15, 2011

"Please open a cafe..."

Over the weekend we took our dogs to Kingston Doggy Beach (south of Hobart, Tasmania).

They love it and I love watching them go nuts in the sand.

They seem to experience what the wife and I call "change of surface madness". Whenever there is a new sensation under foot they go a little mental.

Everyone is really friendly and there is always an amazing cross section of breeds to spot and laugh at. They are all having so much fun.

Over the last couple of visits our older girl has been demonstrably protective of our 11 month old puppy.

There have been a couple of instances where a more boisterous dog has played the chasing game with our pup. She doesn't quite get it despite taunting her older sister into the game on a daily basis at home.

This weekend she got chased and the big girl ran interference. It is sweet to see her looking after her sister. :-)

That isn't why I am posting today though.

I am posting because of a plea we got while saying hello to a curiously pretty dog on the beach.

The dog's minder got half way through telling us the dog's name and breed before changing topic and saying "Oh, are you the childfree people? You should open a cafe. Please, please open a cafe".

I laughed and said that we didn't have the skills for the job. I agreed it would be a good idea.

He went on to say that the kids could be relegated to a park across the road. I jokingly suggested they could be left there tied to a stake with a bowl of water.

We were heading in opposite directions and as a parting comment he said "I love the childfree sticker on your car too".

It was a lovely and amusing encounter. We couldn't work out if our new friend was a visitor to our blog, a reader of the book or had just put the pieces together from the stickers on our vehicle.

Regardless it was a pleasant surprise and one that got us thinking.

Imagine if we did open up a CFZ cafe.
Can you picture the stink it would kick up...but talk about free publicity!

Wow, does anyone want to do it? We'll help with the branding and other stuff where we can :-)

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