Saturday, November 26, 2011

Teenage lunch party

On Friday I had lunch with some teenagers.

I know, I am as shocked as you are.

It was to support The Beacon Foundation's "Polish Program".

If you have noticed my sense of humour and tuned in to it, then you are probably thinking the wrong thing right now.

As with everything Beacon do, it is about getting teenagers ready for the real world. It isn't school work, it is real life - getting a job, interacting with adults, public speaking and more besides.

The kids I had lunch with had just been trained in public speaking, interview skills and strangely enough, how to use cutlery and other table manners.

I was asked to come along to be one of several token adults and business representatives.

Seeing as my own high school experience is a big part of why I chose not to have kids i.e. I fucking hated school from the day I walked in to the day I walked out, I decided I'd go along to this. I thought that if I could make someone else's high school experience slightly less fucked than mine then it would be worth it.

It went OK. I survived, they survived and we had some lunch. Phew!

So there you go, maybe I am not as evil as I seem :-) Naahhhhh!

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Bindi Irwin...

This week I got some stick because I made comments about Bindi Irwin.

I find her precocious and totally obnoxious. I cannot watch her on TV or see her face on a magazine without feeling the need to slap her into line.

Of course she's only behaving the way her stage parents (and mother in particular I suspect) have told her to.

I actually feel sorry for her (when I don't have to see or hear her).

The reason she's popped up on the radar again this week is because she's been talking to the media about population control.

Media whoring aside, the Irwin's have always been on the side of the environment...well, except for Steve who thought it was fine to taunt animals (Stingray 1, Steve 0), and that ain't so bad.

If this is what it takes, or even helps a bit by educating the kiddies on the world Mum and Dad are making for them, then I suppose I'll tolerate it..a bit...maybe ;-)

NOTE: I thought long and hard about putting a picture of her here. I was convinced that I would only be able to find her pulling that stupid forced chinny grin I call "headjob face". Seems I was wrong. She does have a normal face. It seems there may be a chance for her yet.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

SBS Insight program

We've been at this so long now that we turn down interviews more often than we accept them.

It isn't arrogance. It is boredom.
We get asked the same questions over and over again and rarely, it seems, get listened to.

But recently we spoke to Jane from the SBS TV Australia "Insight" program.
Jane is researching the idea of a program around the child-free movement.

I must confess I've not seen many episodes of Insight. I'm the guy who watches any old comedy in preference to "intellectual" programmes.

Our discussion with Jane was enjoyable and fruitful.

I have high hopes that the program can get off the ground.

If you think you have something to offer the program by way of a unique and interesting perspective on the subject, then I encourage you to drop Jane an email and let her know.

Being SBS, Jane is particularly interested in cultural influences and impact on the decision to remain child-free.

NOTE: This is for Australians only I'm afraid. Others can send ideas but they shouldn't expect to be interviewed or asked to come on the show :-)

Jane Worthington
Producer Insight
SBS TV Australia