Thursday, November 24, 2011

Bindi Irwin...

This week I got some stick because I made comments about Bindi Irwin.

I find her precocious and totally obnoxious. I cannot watch her on TV or see her face on a magazine without feeling the need to slap her into line.

Of course she's only behaving the way her stage parents (and mother in particular I suspect) have told her to.

I actually feel sorry for her (when I don't have to see or hear her).

The reason she's popped up on the radar again this week is because she's been talking to the media about population control.

Media whoring aside, the Irwin's have always been on the side of the environment...well, except for Steve who thought it was fine to taunt animals (Stingray 1, Steve 0), and that ain't so bad.

If this is what it takes, or even helps a bit by educating the kiddies on the world Mum and Dad are making for them, then I suppose I'll tolerate it..a bit...maybe ;-)

NOTE: I thought long and hard about putting a picture of her here. I was convinced that I would only be able to find her pulling that stupid forced chinny grin I call "headjob face". Seems I was wrong. She does have a normal face. It seems there may be a chance for her yet.

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