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I live the in Ashgrove electorate - by Sandra

Hi CFs,

While the rest of this wide brown land contemplates the possibility of a new PM on Monday, here in Queensland there is a state election.

Once again -- just like 2007 federal election –  I find myself in an electorate being sought by the leader of the Opposition.
Campbell Newman is NOT a sitting MP but is campaigning in my electorate so that he may become Premier of Queensland.
Given that the current Bligh government is on the nose, campaign activity in my electorate is intense and the equivalent of a small forest has been deposited in my letter box in the form of flyers, letter and brochures.

One flyer came from the Australian Family Association. And yes, we all know that “family” is a euphemism for a nice, white, heterosexual, patriarchal-led, married parents, nuclear family.   And yes, the nice pic on the flyer is a white, all dressed in pastel big tall dark-haired Dad who stands a good head and shoulders above the slim blonde Mum and the brother and sister.

The flyer implores the reader to vote out the current sitting member, Kate Jones MP: “…place Kate Jones last”. Her crime, apparently was to “[support] gay surrogacy and voted for same gender unions that require zero commitment.”

How outrageous eh?  The flyer goes on: “but what about children’s rights Ms Jones?” Children deserve commitment. Children deserve a mum and a dad. Children are not property. Ashgrove electorate never voted for this.

I find the last sentence amusing. These fundies DO view children as property. They feel that when the state tells them that they must be moderate when physically punishing their kids, it the state interfering in their lives and “their” kids.  Read the rhetoric of the fundies and they are a modern take on the Ancient Roman’s pater familias.

Anyway I am pretty annoyed by these pricks so I have penned this message below. No abuse, no rudeness. Just dripping sarcasm.  Some of your are comical geniuses so if you can add any suggestions I will welcome them.

David – perhaps the final draft can also be posted to the CFZ FB page? [DLM: Yes it can :-)]


I live the in Ashgrove electorate.

Thank you for your flyer regarding Kate Jones that was placed in our letter box marked “no junk mail”.

It is reassuring that your organisation is self-assured that your definition of Almighty God is on your side and courtesies such as humble requests from householders that a private letterbox remain sacrosanct is wilfully ignored in the pursuit of a much higher cause.

It is pleasing that, in a world of poverty, disease and social inequity that your organisation remains attentive to the issues that really matter. Your vigilance over consenting adults’ misuse of their own genitals should be applauded. Your fixation with non-procreative sex taking place in this fine, secular democracy is certainly a high priority.

Statistically it is clear that a child who wishes to avoid being beaten, staved, neglected, emotionally and mentally abused, raped, sodomised, sold into sexual slavery and murdered can best mitigate the likelihood of this risk by avoiding members of its own family. Likewise, a woman who wants to avoid beatings, rape and murder best avoid a husband. Yet your organisation clings tenaciously to the patriarchal family as the best social model.

Clearly you are dissatisfied that our secular government does not go far enough to ensure that any citizen’s genital use is restricted solely to making good white Christian babies. I anticipate that your organisation will, in due course, reveal to the public the policy instruments your organisation would implement to socially engineer the delivery of your organisation’s desired outcomes, such as a public education campaign to indoctrinate the public about the confected dangers of non-procreative sex and to encourage the social isolation and humiliation of those who participate in such activities; fiscal arrangements to penalise all household arrangements that do not meet your rigid definition of “family” and those monies regressively redistributed to only those householders who meet with your endorsed approval; a legislative framework to empower the compliance and enforcement of the restrictions placed on sexual acts and to reinstate pater familias; a quasi-constabulary or similar under same head of power with rights of non-consensual entry into private dwellings and/or vehicles to enforce the laws and a judiciary with powers to arbitrarily prosecute and execute offenders.

Your adherents of your doctrine and its book of what it calls truth claim that it is a sin to bear false witness so you are obliged to be forthright and transparent about your campaign of bigotry and hate to reveal your true agenda.
I thank you for revealing Ms Jones’ MP humanitarian, liberal and egalitarian nature and her support for social justice.

Yours sincerely
A woman who has had many, many orgasms and no babies. On purpose.

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