Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The CF are much better off - shhhh! Don't tell anyone :-)

It is increasingly common to see "news"stories about how parents of one nature or another are about to receive some form of financial benefit or another from the Government.

My usual complaint about it being called "Government money" aside, every other day there seems to be some new scheme handing out OUR for having a baby, money for school, unmarried mothers pensions, child care rebates, paid maternity leave etc. etc.

Despite all stupidity of just handing cash over to people "because they have" kids without any further qualification or requirements on how it is spent, it is still by far and away cheaper not to have kids in the first place.

The child-free get a lot of flack for whinging about how their tax dollars are spent. The thing is, the child-free and the single are the most heavily taxed and least benefited of all, so we have good grounds for whinging.

We work hard for our money and then the Government takes it away and hands it over anyone who just happens to have done what their baser instincts suggest - have a baybeee!

Of course, Governments are much better than that when it comes to wasting our money. There are plenty of stupid schemes going around where politicians regularly set fire to our hard earned cash. But somehow actually seeing someone else buy a big screen TV with our money hurts more. 

Reading statistics on the types of spending spikes that occur when something like the baby bonus gets paid is enough to bring tears to most people's eyes. Just how the hell is this middle class welfare justified? "Not at all" is the answer but it continues to happen and grow in scale.

People earning less than you and I, who happen to be single or without kids, get nothing by way of help from the Government (i.e. us) while people richer than us get handouts just because they've had a kid or 5. It doesn't make sense.

The moronic plan of note right now is the "Carbon Tax". More money is being taken from us and being given in the form of rebates to "struggling families" read "the same people generating the biggest carbon footprint".

Are you mad yet?

Well let me fix that. Let me make you happy.

There's not much doubt that the folk who do have kids to get the "financial benefits" are just plain stupid.

They are incapable of doing the simple math that shows (cost of baby/ies) > (all handouts available)...and that is just the cost in dollars. There are many other costs not so easily measured.

There's also not much doubt that the politicians will stop pandering to the middle class retards who do most of the voting (I like to call them the "lowest common denominator") or get smarter any time soon. They'll continue to waste our money as long as they draw breath.

So while all this pisses me off, in my head I know I am still way better off than any person with a child receiving any amount of "Government" assistance.

For starters my vagina can't be used as a boat shed, my bank balance is not as small as it could be, my sanity is roughly the same as it was before I didn't have kids, my wife and I haven't grown apart because of the kids, actual sex is on the menu, other members of our household don't hate us and break things, ...I could go on but perhaps your comments below would be better :-)

It may best if we keep this to ourselves because I suspect we may be further reamed by the Government if they find out...on the other hand, if those thinking of reproducing get wind of this we may just prevent the global population problem getting worse!

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