Wednesday, June 13, 2012

"hardship", it hits you between the legs

I was on Facebook the other day and saw a post about some teenager mother having yet another child complaining about the hardship of her life.

She wanted more "Government money" to help her out.

So I replied with: "Hardship", yeah between the legs with any bloke she can find (too harsh?)

My point being that she'd chosen these "hardships" and was obviously too stupid to realise it and amend her behaviour accordingly.

Of course, there's no shoving a baby back in, but to have another one and still complain is beyond the pale.

The problem with a market driven economy AND Government is that policy targets the mass market 
and the mass market is stupid, self serving breeders.

I realise this is a massive generalisation but hear me out.

The politicians that get elected do so by buying votes from these folk and then continue to pander to them once elected.

The phenomenon of "baby kissing" has more than circumstantial evidence supporting it.

It seems no decent person ever becomes a politician and/or stays one long enough to make sensible decisions with our see, it isn't "The Government's money" at all.

If things like Australia's Carbon Tax and associated "Family Hardship Payments" were really about climate change, and not creating jobs for public servants, they would be a tax break not a payout to the middle classes.

Of course the Carbon Tax isn't about climate change.

No politician knows what Climate Change is or isn't.

In fact, neither do the scientists. 

Any sensible person knows that the planet is far more complex than can ever modeled and therefore its future cannot be predicted. 

In the case of climate change, what needs to happen is for the majority of people to take a risk based approach to how much they fuck up the planet at an individual level. 

This isn't for any of our sake i.e. those without children. Those of us alive today aren't going to experience too many of the effects that may occur, "their" kids will though!
BECAUSE, despite politicians, scientists, doubters, believers, whoever, the FACT remains humans are making a massive mess of this place and the RISK is HUGE that nature can't wipe it clean while humans are around and making the mess (worse).

Of course, in the very long term, humanity will be gone and everything will be wiped clean... maybe I'll just buy a few Humvees and start making a huge mess for the childrun of the fewcha ;-)

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