Monday, August 27, 2012

Rubbing two vaginas together

I am not sure that rubbing two vaginas together and not having babies counts as being "childfree" but maybe there is more to this list Ten Celebrities Give Their Reasons For Being Childless By Choice

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I am not sure why people let alone the Childfree require celebrity endorsement of "their" choice.

Having been through the media mill of having to explain myself and not wanting to offend anyone, right now I am just tempted to say "fuck off, it is none of your business"...but I started that conversation so that would be an unreasonable response.

For gay couples the question seems to take on a whole new level of offense (in my mind anyway).

The obvious problems of reproduction as a flavour of gay seems to escape most interviewers. Hence my humerous/offensive post title. :-)

It is probably the weirdest form of denial I can think of "but you're gotta have a baybeeeeee.....".

The "beautiful people" must reproduce to give the rest of us something to do with our lives. Once again I suggest "off" is the direction in which you should "fuck".

One of the things I discovered on my childfree journey of writing a book and dealing with the media, the public and everyone else who had an opinion, is that "there is no right answer".

No matter what your stance, belief, position, circumstance, choice...WHATEVER!!!
There is a fuckwit out there to tell you that you are wrong.

And therein lays the key, they're fuckwits. Ignore them :-)

Monday, August 13, 2012

Media request...(Sydney/Australia)

Media request [contact Hayden directly if you have any questions or can help]:

My name is Hayden and i am currently interning for the channel Ten breakfast show. The reason i am writing you an email is to see if you have any possible couples that live in Sydney and wouldn't mind coming into the show to talk about why they are childless and happy.

The show would actually be for tomorrow (Tuesday 14th August 2012) with an on air time of 7:50, so they would need to get here by around 7.

We are having Brownwyn Harman on the show to talk about her research into the change of many women and couples deciding not to have children. So we are hoping to have a woman or couple in the studio to chat about thier choice and why they have made that decision. Do you know of anyone that would be avaliable to be on the show?

If it is easier for you to discuss my number here is 02 9650 1559.

Thursday, August 09, 2012

Friday, August 03, 2012

Gimme, gimme, gimme, a flight without kids...

...won't somebody just send the feral kids away?

An article here about how many people are willing to pay extra for a flight without kids.

Bloody sure I would!

"IT strikes fear into non-parents everywhere - being stuck behind a screaming child or baby for an entire flight.
Well now it seems fed-up plane passengers are willing to put comfort ahead of savings to guarantee them a flight free of crying, tantrums and endless seat kicking.
In fact it’s so irritating one third of passengers would pay extra to ensure they were on a child-free flight, with 22 per cent listing a child kicking their seat as their biggest gripe, a survey by UK TripAdvisor found.

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Research project: A study of the experiences of voluntarily childless men and women

Here's a survey we've been approached to participate in.
Feel free to have a look and give it a go if you feel like it.
Let me know what you think of it.
Thanks David

----- Forwarded Message -----

Subject: Research project: A study of the experiences of voluntarily childless men and women

Research project:  A study of the experiences of voluntarily childless men and women.
The life pathways that lead people to choose to remain voluntarily childless or childfree are varied and diverse. Childless individuals include both men and women who have very distinct life stories and a wide range of reasons for remaining childfree. However, this diversity of motivations and experiences is often not reflected in media and other social discussions of voluntary childlessness, and childless/childfree people are often described in terms of narrow, simplistic, and often negative stereotypes. My Honours research project aims to challenge these stereotypes and to highlight the variety of real life experiences of men and women who have elected not to become parents.
Through this research I aim to highlight the diverse range of life experiences of childless/childfree people. I would like to know about how you reached your decision to remain childless/childfree and how you feel about it now, how you see your decision as having influence other aspects of your life and your identity, and how others have reacted to your decision. I believe this information is useful in understanding how society perceives childless/childfree people. I aim to have the completed research published in the academic literature, while maintaining anonymity of all participants. Through publishing this work a contribution will be made to better understanding the diversity of childless/childfree people.
Although I am keen to include the responses of as many childless/childfree people as possible, I am of course aware that this can be a sensitive issue for many people. The survey will ask you to reflect on your own experiences of being childless/childfree as well as other people’s reactions to this.  If you feel that this might be upsetting for you, then it may be best that you don’t participate in this survey. If you would like to discuss any issues that have been brought up for you by this topic, you can access telephone counseling via Lifeline Australia, ph 13 11 14.
If you would like to participate in the survey, please click on the link below.  It will direct you to the online survey which will invite you to respond to several open-ended questions as well as a set of demographic questions. This may take between 10 minutes to 30 minutes to complete depending on the length and detail of your answers. You are of course free to skip any question that you would prefer not to answer, and can elect to end your participation at any time. I am very interested in what you have to say on the matter and how being child free has shaped your life. If you are able to help and participate in this research please complete the survey at the link here
On completion of the survey as a token of appreciation should you wish to leave your contact details you will be entered into a prize draw to win a $50 Myer voucher which will be drawn at the end of the research process. If you choose to enter the draw, your contact information will be stored separately from your responses to the survey. Information about the findings of the study will be posted on the School of Psychology website in November 2012: (http://www.psychology.  
If you have any questions or require any further information regarding the study either prior to undertaking the survey or after completing the survey I can be contacted at or alternatively my supervisor, Associate Professor Ngaire Donaghue, can be contacted at
If you are aware of anybody else who may be able to assist with the research and complete this survey it would be greatly appreciated if you could forward this email to them. Your contribution to this research is much appreciated.
Nicola Metcalfe
This study has been approved by the Murdoch University Human Research Ethics Committee (Approval 2012/120). If you have any reservation or complaint about the ethical conduct of this research, and wish to talk with an independent person, you may contact Murdoch University’s Research Ethics Office (Tel. 08 9360 6677 (for overseas studies, +61 8 9360 6677) or e-mail Any issues you raise will be treated in confidence and investigated fully, and outcomes of the study will be published on the Murdoch research page.