Monday, August 13, 2012

Media request...(Sydney/Australia)

Media request [contact Hayden directly if you have any questions or can help]:

My name is Hayden and i am currently interning for the channel Ten breakfast show. The reason i am writing you an email is to see if you have any possible couples that live in Sydney and wouldn't mind coming into the show to talk about why they are childless and happy.

The show would actually be for tomorrow (Tuesday 14th August 2012) with an on air time of 7:50, so they would need to get here by around 7.

We are having Brownwyn Harman on the show to talk about her research into the change of many women and couples deciding not to have children. So we are hoping to have a woman or couple in the studio to chat about thier choice and why they have made that decision. Do you know of anyone that would be avaliable to be on the show?

If it is easier for you to discuss my number here is 02 9650 1559.

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