Monday, August 27, 2012

Rubbing two vaginas together

I am not sure that rubbing two vaginas together and not having babies counts as being "childfree" but maybe there is more to this list Ten Celebrities Give Their Reasons For Being Childless By Choice

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I am not sure why people let alone the Childfree require celebrity endorsement of "their" choice.

Having been through the media mill of having to explain myself and not wanting to offend anyone, right now I am just tempted to say "fuck off, it is none of your business"...but I started that conversation so that would be an unreasonable response.

For gay couples the question seems to take on a whole new level of offense (in my mind anyway).

The obvious problems of reproduction as a flavour of gay seems to escape most interviewers. Hence my humerous/offensive post title. :-)

It is probably the weirdest form of denial I can think of "but you're gotta have a baybeeeeee.....".

The "beautiful people" must reproduce to give the rest of us something to do with our lives. Once again I suggest "off" is the direction in which you should "fuck".

One of the things I discovered on my childfree journey of writing a book and dealing with the media, the public and everyone else who had an opinion, is that "there is no right answer".

No matter what your stance, belief, position, circumstance, choice...WHATEVER!!!
There is a fuckwit out there to tell you that you are wrong.

And therein lays the key, they're fuckwits. Ignore them :-)

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