Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Oh no, I'll have to get a smaller TV...

Budget cuts to the "baby bonus" are kicking up a stink among the selfish breeders. The article referenced says "The savings include cutting the baby bonus from $5000 to $3000 for the second and each subsequent child".

So hardly a real problem unless you need that new 60" LED HD TV.

The interesting thing is that I am seeing people with kids commenting on how "they managed do it without Government help" in the good old days.

This reduction doesn't even count as a token gesture in my book. In fact, it is nearly a damn insult as the bonus should be scrapped altogether.

The things that bother us most today, you know the whole pollution, climate change, food shortage, water shortage, overcrowding, housing shortage, high housing prices...etc. etc. all go away when a reasonable level of population is maintained.

For some reason the governments of most nations think that "growth" is the only way to fix economic woes without any regard to finite resources, limited space and social issues.
AND YET, governments like ours have a history of paying people to contribute to these very problems. Madness.

To cap it off, when the various "baby bonuses" get paid out, there is an almost identical spike in consumer spending on electronics, perfume and jewellery.

The money just does not get to where it is supposed to go. I'd be happier if there were vouchers for specific baby/child needs handed out, but in countries where that has been done these get traded for cash and devalued/wasted anyway.

Education is where the money needs to go, because while we (the human species) are happy for 99% to be dumb and uneducated, then there's no hope for us to understand and fix the problems we and we alone have caused.