Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Aging crisis - let's fix it by making more people to be old later...yeah, that makes sense...

This was in the business section of the SMH today - about Japan's aging populating and estimating when the US and Australia will be in the same situation.


Monday, February 11, 2013

Air Asia X has created a no-cry zone

It is a bargain at $15 extra but sorry, 12 years old is too low....

"FORGET no-fly zones - Air Asia X has created a no-cry zone.

The budget airline is easing pain on its planes for passengers fed up with bawling babes and troublesome tots.

The airline, which flies to Kuala Lumpur five times a week from the Gold Coast, has launched an in-flight "quiet zone", an adults-only sanctuary where grown-ups can relax in bliss with kids barred from entry. The concept involves the first seven rows of economy being exclusive to passengers over the age of 12."

Read the rest here...


If I ever have to fly the route I am doing it...absolutely! :-)

Thank you Air Asia, you're onto a winner.