Tuesday, April 30, 2013

"surely I don't deserve to lose my ability to earn an income just because I have a child?"

Aussie CFs -- the unions have created a website for workers to comment on work-life balance but, yep, you guessed it, it is REALLY about work-family balance.
This article asks rhetorically, "surely I don't deserve to lose my ability to earn an income just because I have a child?"
Well, surely *I* don't deserve to be assigned the shitty shifts just because I don't have a child, because someone else wants a zero-sum impact on their life because they chose to be a parent?
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Here's the comment I left. Let's see if it gets through moderation. Most of the other comments are pretty funny and unsupportive of the premise.,


Surely I don't deserve to lose the income I earn because someone else chooses to have a baby?

Right now Australia is living in a pro-natalist self serving deception of rights with no responsibilities.

YOU chose to have kids, you deal with it.

This whole notion that the whole world should evolve around someone just because they've had a child is simply madness and at the very least impractical.

With the majority of folk having kids these days, should we do everything everyone one of them wants just because they've had kids? That certainly seems to be the growing message.

People magically want to "have a job" without much of a concept as to what goes on behind the scenes. 

People who run businesses have to jump through so many hoops just to take a person on, many of them give up trying to help you.

In recent times I have watched several people take on new jobs within a couple of months go on 6 months or more maternity leave.

Now you may say "that's their right". You know what, it f***ing isn't. It is plain rude, inconsiderate and selfish. That employer now can't fill that role. A role initially created because they needed something done. A role they probably spent training you for only to have to go through that again.

As a small business owner myself I can tell you that sort of financial pain is crippling if not downright terminal.

And, by the way, it should be noted that the definition of a family is far greater than just those who have children.

Even IF that was the case, surprise surprise we are all somebody's child. 

So wake up, put on your big boy pants, and deal with the life YOU CHOSE to have.

Monday, April 29, 2013

iPhone vs iBaby...

On the weekend I saw comedian Adam Hills's show "Happyism".

In it he said he "children are like iPhones, people who have them just bang on about them".

He said this because he was starting to bang on about his 3 year old child and, to his credit, he didn't want to bore us with it...but he did go on about it a bit anyway :-)

It reminded me that I hadn't posted here for a while and that that pretty much correlates with my promise to only post, or at least try to post, positive things about being CF and life in general.

Adam's show is about positivity to a large extent and I must confess, despite laughing until I cried during the show, I came out of it feeling a bit down about my life and what I've achieved.

Don't get me wrong, fuck, I am not going to make it worse by having kids in a vain attempt to plug a hole in my achievements. :-)

I've also been having a crisis of career lately. I won't bore that with you here except to say I was wondering if focusing on the child-free thing again, properly this time, may be the way ahead.

After all, as this article points out, the most effective way to help the planet right now is for humans to NOT reproduce at such ridiculous levels.

"Want to save the planet? Don't have any children"

It is an important message that does seem to be catching on a little bit.

So should I dedicate myself to it more or not?

Who benefits? Certainly not me or my family. After this generation there won't be any.

Is that a hole in the business plan? It is just too easily labelled as a cynical marketing exercise "why do you care about the planet? It isn't like your kids are going to be using it."

...and that's a good point. You'd think that would wake breeders up to the reality of what is taking place...
...they are fucking up the planet that their kids are living in.

Still, as long as we keep bringing up things to be scared of that may end the world anyway, why bother?

Speaking of the end of the world, so which is worse; parents or Apple disciples? 

Bloody hell, what if they are both?

"...and that children, is how the Apocalypse started. Not with nuclear war or four horsemen, but a bunch of wankers who had too many children. They consumed the entire planet's resources in a desperate and hopeless attempt to own the next iPhone."

Friday, April 26, 2013

Survey request - forwarded for your pleasure :-)

I thought some of you may like to help Hannah out:

Hi David, 
I had an interview with you for my Personal interest project on Childfree By Choice, last year it was very helpful. I am now wondering if you would be able to complete my survey and if possible pass on the link to other people you think maybe interested ?


Thank you very much for considering this request

Hannah Lipscomb :)

Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Do you want to be on Can of Worms? [Forwarded Media request]

[Forwarded Media request]
Hi David,

Further to our conversation, I work on the show Can of Worms.

Tomorrow night (in Melbourne) we will be asking the question: IS 45 TOO OLD TO BECOME A PARENT? We are looking to include a range of experiences and stories in the discussion.

1) We’d like to speak with someone who says YES 45 is too old to have a child.

Why have you chosen not to have a child? Have you had any friends or family who have had a child at an older age?

2) We’d also like to speak with someone who has grown up with older parents. They might say YES it is too old or NO it’s not a problem and hasn’t been for them.

What was growing up like with parents who were significantly older than your friends folks? How did it impact you as a kid? Has it changes your view on when to have (or not have) a family?

Many thanks!


Georgie Lewin
Associate Producer | Can of Worms

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