Monday, January 13, 2014

Welcome to 2014 and a new round of stupidity

Hi folks,

I've refurbished the web site again and thought I'd do a quick post about how stupidly 2014 has started.

In Queensland (Australia) their government has enacted "bikie laws" which essentially mean anyone riding a motorbike can be arrested for no particular reason.

As a bike rider you don't have to have a record, be doing anything illegal or indeed anything at all. It is simply enough to cross the Queensland border on your motorbike.

Ignoring sense and sanity and fostering fear is how the Nazis got started.

Congratulations Queensland, you've successfully made Australia look like a bunch of redneck fuckwits on the world stage.

But Queensland isn't the only turd in the sandwich, Western Australia (WA) has instigated a "shark cull" because a couple of people (literally) have been killed by sharks over the last year.

It doesn't matter that more people die from...well...almost anything else you can name...oxygen poisoning, falling down in the bath, eating a pickle sandwich, picking their nose...ANYTHING!

Australia doesn't have a good record with animal care. We wiped out Tasmania's iconic Tiger or Thyalcene and now are desperate to prove that it isn't extinct (which I think it isn't but that's a whole other story).

I am guessing we'll do the same to the sharks in WA and wonder why the price of Fish & Chips goes through the roof.

Of course our record on racism isn't all that good either.

Right now our moronic federal government is hell bent on a policy of "turning back the boats".

This refers to refugees who arrive by boat. They don't care about the many hundreds if not thousands who arrive by air. Just the boats.

Our genius Prime Minister, Tony Abbott, initially said he'd turn back the boats "for their own safety".

This didn't work, so, using our money, he said he'd buy their unsafe boats before they could get a chance to buy them and head our way. That didn't work either.

Now he is intercepting them, given them seaworthy boats AND towing them home!
What the fuck?!

So Australia, be proud and be stupid.

2014 is declared the year of the Aussie Fuckwit.

The annual changing of the calendar serves as a timely reminder just how wonderful it is to not be participating in the future of this planet beyond my own lifespan :-)