Wednesday, August 19, 2015

SBS goes mad for the Child Free

SBS television Australia has run a couple of Child Free themed TV shows lately.

Last night the Insight program aired a discussion (I think you call it) on the subject.

I found it a bit frustrating and not actually all that much new and interesting showed up...but I have been working in this area for 16 years and living it my whole life so no surprise there I guess.

And the SBS program The Feed has a recent story on-line here.

Watching ‪Insight‬ last night got me a little riled and I was, let's say, a little belligerent and sarcastic with my comments.

I wondered why I got like that.

Sure I've been at the coal face of this subject for 16 years or so now and obviously living it for many more before that.

Maybe I was just bored with it.

Some conclusions I/we'd reached a long time ago surfaced on the show, so that was good e.g. the fact that there is no right answer - no matter how many kids you do or don't have someone will always tell you you are doing it wrong.

I was particularly annoyed with how so many "friends" of the child free felt sad for us and focused on all the negative aspects of their own lives.

There was a religious women who despaired for her childfree friend because she wasn't using her God given womanhood.

I wanted to punch the bitch. How rude she was, and, let's face it, completely fucking wrong.

There was the guy who looked like he was going to burst into tears at any time because he and his wife had failed to sort this issue out before they got married. Spot the doomed relationship.

There were a couple of Doe-eyed folk who seemed particularly jealous and annoyed at the fact that someone had chosen not to do something they couldn't.

Sure, it may be sad for YOU that you can't have kids, but feeling sad for us and dwelling on it yourself helps no-one...especially you.

To me they are like the people who put flowers on the power poles that their loved one crashed into and died at...

...a painful reminder that will keep being painful if that is how you choose to focus on the event.

If you can't have kids deal with it; adopt, be a great aunt, maybe even fight it with your funds on a medical front, but for fuck's sake don't sit there and mope because, I for one, regardless of the reason, don't want to hang around people who fail to get off their arse.

You know what, Magic DOESN'T Happen but we do have a fair chance of getting what we focus on and work for. It is then our choice as to what those targets are, good or bad, whether we know it or not.

The Feed program, which can be watched online, was less annoying to some degree but I was disappointed that they'd gone down the stereotype path.

Sure the stereotypes exist but there is a far deeper story at play in the CF community and wankers with flash cars, even if they are me, are simply not the majority.

There was a lovely level headed couple who did a great job. They weren't bothered and they had clearly thought this through.

Bravo to them! :-)

The show is worth watching just for them. I saw show, it is a 5 minute segment.