Tuesday, May 31, 2016

A species in plague proportions kills one of a species in danger of extinction

Sometimes things happen that really, REALLY make it hard for me to tolerate our species.

This week an extremely rare and beautiful animal was killed because an extremely common and poorly parented animal happened to get too close to it.

A species in plague proportions chose to kill one of a species in danger of extinction.

Are we fucking mad? The answer seems obvious.

Today on Australian news there was a report of a woman being taken by a crocodile.

Two women, walking arm in arm, hip deep in a river in the far north of Australia, where crocodiles fucking live, was taken. Why anyone is surprised is beyond me.

Anyone with half a brain cell knows that IS HOW crocodiles operate and that IS WHERE crocodiles are!

To me this seems like natural selection at work. But Australians have a long history of thinking that killing animals will spread some message of warning to the other animals to stop eating humans. We do it with sharks, Dingos, and Crocodiles to name a few. But we stop short of culling the biggest killer on our planet (after mosquitoes obviously).

One of Australia's moronic, obnoxious and stupid, stupid politicians, Bob Catter, has suggested that we should go out and hunt more crocodiles to stop this happening.

I suggest we go out and hunt more humans to stop this happening.

We have become far too tolerant of idiots, racists, bigots, morons, and plain fools and they are running the planet.

What can we do people?

Democracy is broken. It is a broken game and stupid people get to vote too.

We need something else because, until then, nothing will change.

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