Sunday, December 02, 2018

Maybe some "childrun" are the "fewcha"

Nothing rankles the childfree quite the way the statement "but children are the future!".

It is used among a barrage of other annoying and frankly insulting statements designed to make us change our minds, give in and and say..."fuck, yeah sure, let's have kids".

It is predominantly used by less educated and less achieved breeders as a means to give their crappy and empty lives meaning.

They have to believe that, by just popping out a sprog, that they've somehow "done something".

"Children are the future. I've had a children. Therefore I am helping. Therefore I am better than you."

Sorry folks. Raising a good citizen of the planet entails more work than just spitting out a baby.

And let's face it. It is lots of hard work. A factor that is not lost on the childfree who regularly cite that work as unpleasant and totally undesirable.

It is also worth pointing out that the global population is ageing and those folks, us - who aren't young, can't be left off the hook for what is going on around the world today. TODAY! Not "the fewcha". Action today is what will shape the future.

Not just spawning and hoping.

So the whole "childrun are da fewcha" thing really pisses me, and other CF people, off.

But this week, in Australia, school children all over the country went on strike to demand our politicians do something about climate change.

Fucking brilliant. Seriously, no sarcasm there. It is wonderful.

One young woman on TV summed it up quite nicely:

"What's the point of going to school when there's unlikely to be a habitable planet in 10 years time?"

Some of Australia's douche-bag politicians, and let's face it that is most of them, chastised the children and told them they should be back in school because they were ignorant.

One politician actually said words to the effect of "kids should stay in school and learn about coal mining because that is actually interesting". Fuck you mate. Fuck you hard!!

What a bunch of cunts the politicians are.

These kids are smarter than the politicians by a long way.

And that isn't the only example 2018 gave us.

Kids in the USA went on strike over gun reform. Again, brilliant!

What has changed?
Not much if anything.

It has been my contention for a long, long time that the only way these global things get fixed is by educating children and young people properly and waiting for the intractable old farts to fuck off and die.

The old farts rarely change their mind and think they know better.

It is easy not to care about the planet when you are about to leave it fairly soon.

It does my heart good to see that some children today are indeed the future. Good luck kids, you're gonna need it.

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