This section contains clippings from newspapers and magazines
that cover the Child-Free topic in some way.
The current batch have been sent to us by various people who have been keeping
an eye on the media and contributing to the debate.
Keep up the good work and keep sending us those clippings!

You are going to love these articles!
They come from all sorts of time periods and often reveal far more about the culture of the time in general than they do about child-free attitudes specifically.

WARNING: Some of the images are quite large (the biggest is 550k). This means that they may take a while to download over slower home modems.
Unfortunately this is a side effect of scanning old black and white articles from photo copies.

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Here’s a funny one – a guy kept a blog about his impending fatherhood and his mixed feelings about the whole thing, and on December 28th he talks about reading our book:

Here are some of Susan’s favourites:

These ones quote/mention us:,23739,23675410-23272,00.html