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Our most popular online community is still the Child Free Zone on Yahoo Group. Join up and join the discussion.

Sustainable Population Australia — it is the only answer!

Childfree USA Washington

Social group for adults in Washington state who have made the decision to be childfree.

"Kidfree & Lovin' It" - A web site for people without kids, whether by choice or by circumstance. You are "kidfree" if you enjoy the childfree lifestyle. Here you will find the famous Kidfree Survey and links to childfree groups, books, articles, events and resorts.

Disposable Planet - BBC News Online web site on sustainable development

Dating for the child free
You've been begging me for it, now it has magically been provided!
The world's only 100% FREE dating site for the select few that do NOT have or want kids.
Instant full membership.
No games.

Uncle Vern has a new CF web site that promises all the things we want: child-free personals, child free destinations, childfree restaurants.
Make sure you pop in on your Uncle Vern and tell him what you think of his site and what you want
"No Kidding Around"
See our great range of new merchandise at
We now have a huge range of items including clothing, drink coasters, teddy bears, lunch boxes, mouse mats, mugs, flying disks and all sorts of stuff wearing the our superb 3D logo.
...and some additional designs at
bored with babies AC thumbnail.jpgcheck under your car thumbnail.jpg
...and lastly additional designs at

Australian Bureau of Statistics - look for "Trends in childlessness"

Do your bit to help fix the Earth's problems through the Earth Sanctuaries Foundation of Australia...

Help out WIRES (Wildlife Information and REScue)...
Susan and I are fans of WIRES and we can tell you there is nothing quite like releasing a healed animal into the wild.

World Wildlife Fund (WWF), need we say more?
Susan and I support the WWF financially when we can.

Over population of the planet is a problem that is close to my heart.
I am not going to argue the details about it here.
Go to the experts below and see if you don't come away realising that the planet is in trouble (as if it can be denied).
Watch the population clock grow and see if that doesn't scare the shit out of you!

Visit Jerry Steinberg, "Founding Non-Father" of NO KIDDING!
(A social club for childfree couples and singles with chapters almost everywhere.)

FPA Health (formerly Family Planning NSW)
So you want to be in control of your reproduction!?
If you are in NSW Australia try contacting FPA Health, they do the lot!
I'm in line for a vasectomy real soon (beats being turned down by doctors).